ƒ Indicated for the collection and pre-storage leucocyte  removal of whole blood, and subsequent preparation of  red cells and plasma
ƒ High efficiency filtration, providing consistently low  residual leucocytes
ƒ Rapid filtration
ƒ Filtration performance validated over a range of  hold conditions
ƒ Improved quality of blood components
ƒ Easy to use, fits into routine standard operating  procedures and logist

Filtration Application
ƒ High efficiency leucocyte removal from one unit of whole blood  before processing

Clinical Benefits
ƒ Clinically proven media technology significantly reduces the risk  of leucocyte associated transfusion complications such as  microaggregates, alloimmunisation, febrile reactions, refractoriness  to platelets, Cytomegalovirus and immunosuppression.*
ƒ Unique technology filtration media and minimal filter hold up volume  provide high recovery of red cells and plasma for transfusion to  the patient.