VP45 Suction Unit Surgical Pump


  •    -  Filter and disposable liner features minimise the risk of cross infection
  •    -  Easy change plug in filter mount for rapid replacement of filters
  •    - Optional hydrophobic filters protect the pump from accidental overflow by preventing liquid from passing
  •    - Cable stowage on back with reversible cleats for secure stowage and rapid deployment
  •   - 2 litre suction capacity with disposable liner system
  •    - High flow rate 25 litres/min., high maximum vacuum 600mmHg (-80kPa)
  •    - Clear, simple controls - vacuum gauge graduated in mmHg and kPa
  •   - Simple rotary control for suction level
  •   - On/off switch incorporates indicator neon

Serial# V4AE 9I 1040

Dims 32cm (D) x 51 cm (W) x 81 cm (H including handle)