RN High Efficiency Leucocyte Removal Filter

For Red Cells – Neonatal Features and Benefits *Data available upon request from Haemonetics Corporation.

ƒ Clinically proven media technology
ƒ Easy prime technology
ƒ Enhanced ease of use
ƒ Unique needleless access port
ƒ High efficiency leucocyte removal
ƒ High red cell recovery
ƒ Minimal filter hold-up volume


Clinically proven media technology significantly reduces the risk of leucocyte associated transfusion complications such as microaggregates, alloimmunisation, febrile reactions, refractoriness to platelets, Cytomegalovirus and immunosuppression.*

ƒ Easy to use technology provides priming by gravity or rapid priming by squeezing the blood bag.

ƒ Proven to consistently and efficiently deliver low leucocyte residuals, affording the maximum patient protection against leucocyte related transfusion complications (consistently averaging less than 2 x 105 for aliquots of approximately 60 mL and/or less than 5 x 105 for aliquots from approximately 60 – 150 mL).

ƒ High technology filtration media and minimal filter hold-up volume (12 mL) provides minimal loss of red cells without the need for saline flushing.

ƒ Primes directly with red cells quickly and conveniently without the need for priming with saline.

ƒ Provided with a needleless adaptor to reduce the risk of needle stick injury.